My new blog is ready for visitors!

Hey everyone!  Come on over to my new blog!  I own my domain name now and the blog is all new and improved!  You can find me at and I am looking forward to seeing you there!


Check ME out!! My blog is so pretty! MommyPerks & Rick rock!

I love it!  I’m so excited to get back to blogging…felt like forever;)  A special thank you to Rick & Shara at MommyPerks for doing such an amazing job and putting up with my endless questions!! 

Now…let’s start Reinventing Beautiful!

Creative Blogs I Love

Blogging rocks!  I am meeting so many amazing and wonderful people.  I love the creative souls you meet!  Take a look at Calie’s Creative Corner blog…you’ll see what I’m talking about!  These ladies are having so much fun creating beautiful blogs and handmade items…makes me want to start scrapbooking right now!

Have a beautiful day!

Do you have a favorite charity? What’s yours and why?

To give of yourself is to truly live!  Dylan was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was four years old.  What a defining moment…life as we knew it forever changed that day!   You don’t take a moment for granted.  I feel blessed that God chose me to be Dylan’s mom!  I cherish every day! 

For months we were confused, scared and completely in the dark about what was happening and what we could do to help and support him.  Then we found Epilepsy Foundation MN and Lori B.!  She was our life raft in some rough waters!  She found valuable resources for us and educated us!  She even went to Dylan’s school to educate  them! 

We give as much as we can during each Stroll For Epilepsy and are proud to support  a foundation that gives so much and makes people effected by Epilepsy feel accepted and in control!  Dylan’s Dream Team grows every year and we’re working on coming up with our 2010 theme for his team!!  It’s not always giving a gift of money-your gift of time is just as valuable-your gift of educating yourself in case someone having a seizure needs you is priceless!

Find a cause, a fundraiser or a foundation and support it!  Doesn’t matter what it is-open your heart and feel the joy of giving!  Check out Dylan’s Fundraising Page!

Hosting my blog

So excited!  Bought my domain name last night Reinventing Beautiful!  Now…working with the awesome people at MommyPerks.Com to get things up and running so I can share with my friends & the world! 

Decided on Reinventing Beautiful because there is so much beauty in the world that get’s overlooked that I decided to blog about the simple beauty and take pictures of our beautiful everyday world!  Looking forward to sharing & rambling with you all on the journey…will keep you updated on the hosting journey!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

Who decides what beautiful is?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…really?  If that’s true than I need to worry about what people think when they see me.  As in I need others to validate my looks in order to feel beautiful?  So every morning I get up, dress appropriately, slap on some makeup and fix my hair.  Then, I head out into the world with a watchful eye on others, comparing myself to them, observing their reactions to me, all the while praying for a positive outcome…I think NOT!

To me real beauty is loving that there’s only one YOU!  Beauty comes from your heart not your appearance.  There are many physically beautiful people who love only themselves, therefore it’s just superficial beauty.  You can’t pretend to be beautiful.  It just is!  It’s how you live your life and how you give of yourself that makes you beautiful! 

I get that appearance is important but it should not stop us from reaching out to someone and getting to know them.  There is beauty and purpose within all of us.  If you don’t open your heart to that possibility you may miss out on the chance to meet someone extraordinary and meaningful in your life.

If you see me on the street I will greet you with a smile, in fact I’ll already be smiling before I see you.  It’s who I am!  I embrace the beauty in the world with all my heart!  I find beauty in every day…a hug from my children, a smile from my husband, the fact I have a job, a home, I’m alive!  I think that I will live to be at least 100 because I need that much time to see all the beauty in the world! 

My ATTITUDE is beautiful.  Do I see a beautiful person when I look in the mirror?  As a matter of fact I do!  It’s okay if that’s not what you see when you look at me because I do know that I am a beautiful person.  I give of myself as often as I can, I love my family and my friends and none of them have any reason to doubt that.  A stranger on the street or online may become a very dear friend to me because my heart is open to the possibility!  I am thankful for my life and the beauty that surrounds me!

Have a beautiful day all of you beautiful people!!

Working from home-WAHM-Financial Freedom-Team Work Makes Dreams Work!

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“Team work, Makes Dreams work!”