Do you have a favorite charity? What’s yours and why?

To give of yourself is to truly live!  Dylan was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was four years old.  What a defining moment…life as we knew it forever changed that day!   You don’t take a moment for granted.  I feel blessed that God chose me to be Dylan’s mom!  I cherish every day! 

For months we were confused, scared and completely in the dark about what was happening and what we could do to help and support him.  Then we found Epilepsy Foundation MN and Lori B.!  She was our life raft in some rough waters!  She found valuable resources for us and educated us!  She even went to Dylan’s school to educate  them! 

We give as much as we can during each Stroll For Epilepsy and are proud to support  a foundation that gives so much and makes people effected by Epilepsy feel accepted and in control!  Dylan’s Dream Team grows every year and we’re working on coming up with our 2010 theme for his team!!  It’s not always giving a gift of money-your gift of time is just as valuable-your gift of educating yourself in case someone having a seizure needs you is priceless!

Find a cause, a fundraiser or a foundation and support it!  Doesn’t matter what it is-open your heart and feel the joy of giving!  Check out Dylan’s Fundraising Page!


4 responses to “Do you have a favorite charity? What’s yours and why?

  1. I also give to the national Epilepsy foundation. Recently my focus has been more on Susan G Komen though.

  2. I would say a charity found me. I participate in My children’s books postcard was added to Mommy Bags and distributed at large events.

    One such event was for the Pearl Alliance, a group that locates and rescues children from child sex slave trafficking. It’s a tough subject to talk about, but like you’ve seen with the Epilepsy Foundation, awareness and education is key.

    Dylan is blessed to have you for a mom.

  3. You are right, giving is not all about money, and sometimes your time proves more invaluable than any other resource!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Will come back and read more for sure. In the meantime off to the Summer blog tour, it is ME tomorrow!!!

  4. I usually participate in the Susan G Komen (Breast Cancer) walk/run every year. But I’ve been know to donate to various charities; Austin Children’s Shelter, American Heart Association, Lymphoma Society, the Spreading Joy Corporation, there are so many wonderful causes out there and we all have a little to give whether it’s in the form of a monetary donation, time, or bringing awareness to the public eye.

    Thanks Mary for being part of the Summer Blog Tour & congrats on your new grand-baby!

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