Murphy the Cat

Meet Murphy-adopted from the animal shelter, the runt of the litter that once fit into the palm of my hand.  Now a days Murphy is mostly a vicious little beast that bites at least one person daily!  Oh alright he’s not THAT horrible but he does bite A LOT!  Besides biting Murphy’s favorite thing is straws-yep good old-fashioned straws you use to drink with.  Turn your head for a second and that straw will be gone as your drink spreads across the floor/table/counter wherever you left that open invite to our Crazy Murphy! 

Woke up at 5am to Murphy pacing and meowing non-stop in front of his food dish.  Hungry?  Really?  With swag that nearly brushes the floor when he walks this cat could survive without food for a week!  But no…never mind it’s a Holiday and the one day I could sleep in Crazy Murphy is hungry and Crazy Murphy shall eat!  My good friend Karen cover your ears because honestly this cat is a big fat pain in my behind!  His redeeming qualities you ask?   Well…he does have soft fur and when we clean the entryway and take the rug out to shake we do have a good laugh seeing the dozen or so straws he’s stashed under the rug:)


Domain name 101 SEO Keywords etc

My head is spinning!  Blogging is easy-figuring out a domain name that fits perfectly…not so much!  So far “THE” one hasn’t been found.  It’s gotta be fun, witty, something that makes people smile because I love making people smile!  Short & sweet is what I’m working on…hmmm…let me see if that’s available!  It’s your Zoe?  Epilepsy Rebel?  Tshirt Misfit?  Time to get some sleep and maybe it’ll come to me in my dreams.  Goodnight world!

It Works Marketing Network Marketing Getting Rich

LOVE this article! It explains PERFECTLY why I joined It Works Marketing & why I know we can all find success with the company! A company that “pulls you up”! I’m on my way-join me?

I am sometimes asked, “Why do so few people make it to the top of their network marketing system?”

The truth is, the top of the network marketing system is open to everyone — unlike traditional corporate systems, which allow only one person to reach the top of the company. The reason most people do not reach the top is simply because they quit too soon. So why would someone quit short of the top?

Most people join only to make money. If they don’t make money in the first few months or years, they become discouraged and quit (and then often bad-mouth the industry!). Others quit and go looking for a company with a better compensation plan, but joining to make a few quick dollars is not the reason to get into the business.

The Two Essential Reasons to Join a Network Marketing Business

Reason number one is to help yourself. Reason number two is to help others. If you join for only one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you.

Reason number one, means that you come to the business primarily to change quadrants — to change from the E (Employee) or the S (Self-employed) quadrant to the B (Business owner) or I (Investor) quadrant.

This change is normally very difficult for most people — because of money. The true ‘E’ or ‘S’ quadrant person will not work unless it is for money. This is also what causes people to not reach the top of the network marketing system: they want money more than they want to change quadrants.

A ‘B’ quadrant or ‘I’ quadrant person will also work for money, but in a different way. The ‘B’ quadrant person works to build or create an asset — in this case, a business system. The ‘I’ quadrant person invests in the asset or the system.

As a ‘B’ or an ‘I’, sometimes you don’t get paid for years; this, a true ‘E’ quadrant or ‘S’ quadrant person will not do. It’s not part of their core values. Risk and delayed gratification disturb them emotionally.

Delayed Gratification and Emotional Intelligence

One of the beauties of network marketing is that it focuses on developing your emotional intelligence as well as your business skills.

Emotional intelligence is an entirely different matter from academic intelligence. In general, someone with high emotional intelligence will often do better than someone with high academic intelligence but low emotional intelligence. That explains, in part, why some people do well in school but not so well in the real world.

The ability to delay gratification is a sign of higher emotional intelligence. In a recent study of emotional intelligence, it was found that people who could delay gratification often led more successful lives than those who could not.

This is why the educational system inherent in a good network marketing opportunity is so important. It’s the emotional education or emotional intelligence aspect of their programs that I find so valuable for people.

Many people write me and tell me they loved my book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, but I fear that many of them don’t get the most important point of the book: Lesson #1, “The rich don’t work for money.”

Once I have built or bought an asset, that asset works hard to make money for me. But I will not work for money — I will work only to build or buy assets. Those assets make me richer and richer, while I work less and less. That is what the rich do. The poor and middle class work hard for money, and then buy liabilities instead of investing in assets.

What Kind of Asset is a Network Marketing Business?

Remember, there are two reasons to be successful in network marketing: to help yourself, and to help others. Reason number one means helping yourself get to the ‘B’ side of the quadrant. What about reason number two?

The beauty of most network marketing systems is that you don’t really make much money unless you help others leave the ‘E’ and ‘S’ quadrants and succeed in the ‘B’ and ‘I’ quadrants.

If you focus on helping others make this shift, then you will be successful in the business. If you only want to teach yourself to be a ‘B’ quadrant and ‘I’ quadrant person, then a true network marketing system won’t work for you. You may as well go to a traditional business school, which focuses only on your becoming a ‘B’ quadrant person.

The beauty of a network marketing business is that your goal is to create assets, which are other ‘B’s working under you — and their job is to create other ‘B’s working under them. In traditional business, the focus is for the ‘B’ to have only ‘E’s and ‘S’s working for them.

The type of business I was taught to build is a business with me at the top and ‘E’s and ‘S’s at the base. I really don’t have room at the top for many other ‘B’s, which is why in my businesses, I strongly recommend that all my employees look into network marketing as their own part-time business.

The traditional corporate system really is a pyramid, because there are a few ‘B’s and ‘I’s near the top, and more ‘E’s and ‘S’s at the base. A network marketing system is a reverse pyramid: its primary focus is to bring more and more ‘B’s to the top.

One type of pyramid, the traditional type, has its base on the ground; the other type has its base in the air. It’s a pyramid that pulls you up instead of pushing you down. A network marketing business gives everyone access to what used to be the domain only of the rich.

Attitude-how we CHOOSE to respond to the world by Kami Dempsey

Every day, we have opportunities to get upset, be frustrated, or get offended. Maybe you had plans that didn’t work out, or someone was rude to you at the office. Maybe you were doing something that should have taken one hour, and it ended up taking three. Life is full of inconveniences; but even though we can’t always control our circumstances, we can control our reactions to those circumstances. I heard somebody say, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.”

We should always go out each day with a positive attitude, full of hope and expecting God’s favor. But at the same time, we should recognize that most days are not going to go exactly as we planned. Remember, we were created to live in peace. Peace is our position of power. If you get stressed because you got off schedule, or got upset because your child wouldn’t eat his breakfast, or frustrated because somebody offended you, what you’re doing is giving away your power. Instead, make the decision to release those offenses and disappointments so you live in peace and move forward in the power and victory the Lord has for you!

I read this today! and WOW…all I can say is WOW! I totally believe this and agree… What hit me was about the negativity or the what’s not going right with details in business building… We can sit around and whine and pout or we can get out there and build a BIG BIG business. I don’t want anything to distract me from the goal that is in front of me. I am so crazy about It Works! and just the power of being in business for myself. I love the people I work with, the task at hand and how we can help to empower others to take control of their health and wealth! I hope you have a great day…keep in mind it’s your response to every and ALL situations that determine the success of the day!

Happy Monday! Blogging for mommies!

Happy Monday everyone!  Today kicks off week 3 of the Summer Blog Tour!  Be sure and stop in and say hello to OnBalance!  I’m having a great time reading everyone’s blogs and entering to win some fab prizes!  Join us as we take this journey together!


Love blogging-hate trying to figure out code!  LOVE Shara from MommyPerks for her mad skills (along with Ricks) that are going to help me put it all together in a pretty little package!  I’ve been playing around with my blog for a couple of months now…waiting to go live until I had it all figured out…forget about it!  Couldn’t wait for that-may never have happened!  So with their help you’ll be seeing new and wonderful things very soon.

In the meantime the Summer Blog Tour 2010 is fabulous!  I’ve read some outstanding blogs and entered for some cool prizes too!  Be sure and join in, it’s a great way to meet some beautiful ladies sharing their knowledge and life adventures!  By the time my blog comes up on the tour I’m hoping it’ll be picture perfect!  So yesterday we visited Elena Adams Designs and today Always B Designs

In the midst of it all I slowed down a bit yesterday to play some catch with my son, it was so beautiful outside!  Then we kicked back in the hammock and practiced spelling words!  Fresh air helps your wake up your brain:)

Have a fabulous day world!

Healthy Living using All Natural Products!

Tonight I got a message from one of my Distributors that wrapped 8 ladies last night with a total inch loss of 23 inches!  That’s right, 23 inches!!!  That’s OUTSTANDING!  Take the time to read about these incredible products and let me know if you have questions.  What do you have to lose??  Oh, that’s right!  Inches & Toxins that’s what!  Let’s work together to make it happen!