My Scoop

Mom of 5 (four of my own & a step daughter), my family makes me so proud!  Everything I do is to make their lives as happy & healthy as possible.  Currently work full-time for a company out of the cities but looking forward to making It Works Marketing my fulltime job in the near future.  Dylan was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 4 so since then we’ve been strong advocates of Epilepsy Foundation Minnesota.  Epilepsy changed our lives forever.  So little is know about the cause and there is no cure.  A seizure disorder comes with a long list of issues for a child that make an already challenging world that much more difficult.  Strength is the key.  When you are feeling weak or beat down by the daily challenges you remind yourself how blessed you really are and you know you can take whatever life brings. 

More to come:)


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  1. Just tried to connect with facebook, page goes black. Tried to like on my own an don’t know if I did the right person? LOL Let me know, thanks!

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