Murphy the Cat

Meet Murphy-adopted from the animal shelter, the runt of the litter that once fit into the palm of my hand.  Now a days Murphy is mostly a vicious little beast that bites at least one person daily!  Oh alright he’s not THAT horrible but he does bite A LOT!  Besides biting Murphy’s favorite thing is straws-yep good old-fashioned straws you use to drink with.  Turn your head for a second and that straw will be gone as your drink spreads across the floor/table/counter wherever you left that open invite to our Crazy Murphy! 

Woke up at 5am to Murphy pacing and meowing non-stop in front of his food dish.  Hungry?  Really?  With swag that nearly brushes the floor when he walks this cat could survive without food for a week!  But no…never mind it’s a Holiday and the one day I could sleep in Crazy Murphy is hungry and Crazy Murphy shall eat!  My good friend Karen cover your ears because honestly this cat is a big fat pain in my behind!  His redeeming qualities you ask?   Well…he does have soft fur and when we clean the entryway and take the rug out to shake we do have a good laugh seeing the dozen or so straws he’s stashed under the rug:)


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