Love blogging-hate trying to figure out code!  LOVE Shara from MommyPerks for her mad skills (along with Ricks) that are going to help me put it all together in a pretty little package!  I’ve been playing around with my blog for a couple of months now…waiting to go live until I had it all figured out…forget about it!  Couldn’t wait for that-may never have happened!  So with their help you’ll be seeing new and wonderful things very soon.

In the meantime the Summer Blog Tour 2010 is fabulous!  I’ve read some outstanding blogs and entered for some cool prizes too!  Be sure and join in, it’s a great way to meet some beautiful ladies sharing their knowledge and life adventures!  By the time my blog comes up on the tour I’m hoping it’ll be picture perfect!  So yesterday we visited Elena Adams Designs and today Always B Designs

In the midst of it all I slowed down a bit yesterday to play some catch with my son, it was so beautiful outside!  Then we kicked back in the hammock and practiced spelling words!  Fresh air helps your wake up your brain:)

Have a fabulous day world!



  1. Thanks, Mary. How nice of you 🙂 I always enjoy chatting with you and working with you, also!

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