Monovision thoughts…

When you can’t afford Lasik…do you try Monovision?  My thoughts as of today are absolutely not!  I started this morning at 5am.  One contact for far vision and no contact in the other eye for near vision…aka I can’t see jack!  The optometrist that suggested this did tell me it may take some getting used to so I’ll give it a few more days but right now I’m totally ready to go back to contacts in both eyes and “cheaters” to see close up! 

I wonder if there is a Lasik surgeon out there that is willing to trade Lasik for some fabulous body wraps??    I mean seriously, didn’t they used to trade chickens and stuff back in the day?  The body wrap is worth far more than a chicken;)


One response to “Monovision thoughts…

  1. I told you it wasn’t for everyone, and as far as LASIK, you’d still have to wear readers anyway so suck it up and admit we’re gettin’ old!

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