Just for giggles!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look around and say to yourself “thank you God for not letting anybody else see what I’ve just done?”  By that I don’t mean in the oh no I’m a sinner way, but in the oh my gosh I’m a moron way!  Today I had one of those moments…and the more I think about it I’m convinced I should share it because if we can’t laugh at ourselves…well you know how the saying goes!

So…most of you know we had 7 pups not too long ago and we’ve just started selling them over the weekend.  This morning I went out to let them out to do their daily doo and ran back inside to start getting ready for work.  Back out to kennel them all back up and two are missing…I’m chewing out mama dog for wandering off with them and searching frantically for these missing pups!  I looked everywhere!  Walked back to the swamp and just start crying my eyes out because I swear I see a little pup floating in that freezing cold water…about to start wading in when it hits me…there are only four pups left…not six!  So yeah…I’m beet red, talking to myself (and apologizing to mama) as I walk back up to the house, all the way thinking to myself I may be losing my mind…as the four pups greet me with what I’m sure is a look of utter awe at just how blonde I really am!!

I may not have been able to laugh at the whole episode if I had actually waded into that freezing water though:) 

What do you think of that?  Good for a giggle to keep the sunshine in your day!


5 responses to “Just for giggles!

  1. Hey Mary,
    TFS! I have those days too!

    • Lisa-Thank you for reading my blog:) I just looked in the mirror and thought…that’s not even real blonde!!! LOL Hopefully no blonde’s were offended by my comments as it’s all in fun;) Monica’s a blonde isn’t she? LOL Teasing Monica!

  2. Mary – I love this blog! I see it’s a wordpress – do they have the backgrounds and everything? I should look into it!

    Thanks for the giggle and for sharing!

    ps – I saw you on fb

    • Cheryl-So far I’m loving using wordpress. I’m still a beginner but I know there are many options I haven’t even explored yet! Still trying to figure out how to link to my facebook page without having to post to it? Oh well, I’ll get there eventually! I think it’ll calm down a bit once all the puppies are gone…or maybe not:) I’m glad you stopped by! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  3. Mary, thanks for the chuckle, I would have been crying walking threw the water. Glad all FOUR babies are woarm & well. Just a good thing some days we can chuckle at what we do.

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