Pets – Dogs – Cats – Fish ?? Where to begin! Crazy Murphy strikes again!

Slow day at the office so I took advantage of the free time to get some It Works Marketing work done.  Warmed up some leftovers for lunch, busy working on saying hello to all the great ladies that tried a body wrap at Ladies Night Out in Paynesville when I look over to discover my cat eating my lunch!  YULK!  Scrapped my plate in the trash because there is NO WAY that cat is going to get what’s left only to find on my return that the ungrateful wretch has now dumped an entire glass of ice water into my purse and on my laptop!  REALLY?  Now why didn’t I get a fish?  I mean what are the advantages of having a cat anyway?  ZERO!  He’s only sweet to put you off your defenses, I swear it!  He’s evil on the inside I’m almost certain of it!  I wonder what would happen if I just gave him the boot to fend for himself in the yard?  How big does an eagle need to be to pick up a cat again? 

Somebody please tell me WHY a cat is a good pet!  Saving a cat from certain death at the animal shelter should offer a little bit of gratitude shouldn’t it?  For real!  As I wipe down my laptop and pray for the best I can tell you that Crazy Murphy is nowhere to be found at the moment!  As my wallet is spilled out on a towel to dry I longingly look at the cash and think to myself that a fish really isn’t all that expensive:)

To all you cat lovers I commend you on your patience!  A child could smear peanut butter all over my newly stained cabinets (this actually happened to me once) and I would giggle and say to myself kids are so funny!  But when a cat fills my purse with water I draw the line!  More power to you cat ladies!


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