Twitter Party – Tweetathon – Twitter training

What in the world?  I was so excited last night to join my very first twitter party…I’d been waiting for weeks since getting invited to this fabulous event to log in last night and win some prizes and see what all the fuss was about…and then….I realized I had NO CLUE what to do when I got there?  As 141 new tweets popped up on my monitor I thought to myself I’m in over my head here!  Some told me to use twitter chat, my own hashtag and go here to leave a comment.  What???  twitter has chat?  What in the world is a hashtag and if I leave here to go there how will I find my way back to here?? LOL  Needless to say I spent half an hour being confused and I didn’t win a darn thing!  So to all you twitter fans or experts how about a twitter education party?


4 responses to “Twitter Party – Tweetathon – Twitter training

  1. Mary, I’m sorry that you were confused last night. Just let me know when you have time to chat and I will give you a run down of how they work and best way to maximize your wins! There are several ways to view it but I have found a great method thar works for me.

    • Good morning Abbey! Thanks so much, I will try and get in touch with you later today if that works for you? Let me know how you want to communicate but if it’s via twitter chat beware…I’ve no idea what that is! LOL

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