Beautiful Easter Sunday with my family

What a wonderful & blessed day.  Thank you for my family & friends.   Spent the day with my parents who have been gone 4 long months in Texas-missed them so much!  Loved watching Dylan do his egg hunt & search for his basket-so wonderful watching him still believe!  Walked, talked, played cards, ate too much and laughed a lot!  David played Hand & Foot with us for the very first time!  That was monumental for him and so much fun for us!  Even Shane played!  Good times.  Amber & Justin finally got here to spend some time with us all…poor Amber-her belly is so big!  Baby Joseph is growing so fast and Amber’s belly doesn’t have much room left!  Can’t imagine she’ll make it to that June 19th due date:)   Said goodnight to my amazing & supportive husband-he is a wonderful husband!  I’ll go to sleep tonight giving thanks and offering gratitude for all of my blessings and praying for everyone to enjoy the same.


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